Site Admin

Hi Nats, this is your site admin page with all details relating to the site, as well as your social media and other accounts. 

1. Squarespace Support

Here's a guide for you as a new user to Squarespace.

Squarespace support is part of what you've paid for. They are available 24/7 over a chat line. 

2. Twitter

Handle: @PENSUconsulting


Password: M1dmarM1le*

3. Facebook

You are an admin on this page so you should have full rights to administrate it and add other roles as necessary.

4. Mailchimp


Password: M1dmarM1le*

5. Email (Zoho Mail)


Password: M1dmarM1le*

6. Domains

  • This domain is managed by Hetzner (
  • You will be notified that you need to renew it in April/May 2018

  • This is a secondary domain managed by Squarespace
  • It will lapse around April/May 2018. There is no need to renew it.