Waste Management Licence for Enviro-Plastic Resin

PENSU Environmental assisted Life4All with a Basic Assessment Report undertaken on behalf of Enviro Plastic Resin for the recycling of general waste on the premises of 37 Nasmith Road, Cleveland, Germiston. The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) awarded a Waste Management Licence in November 2017.

The Process:

The waste is brought in from various outside sources including individuals and companies. These general waste materials are bought by Enviro-Plastic Resin.

The materials are then weighed and sorted by quality control, after which they are granulated, washed and dried, extruded and pelletized. After being pelletized the pellets are sold to manufacturers with local injection moulders, extrusion moulders and film blowers and used to manufacture products.

Only the specified waste streams will be accepted on premises.

The benefits of recycling:

•      Recycling saves landfill space, as less waste needs to be dumped.

•      Recycling saves natural resources.

•      We conserve natural resources like plants, minerals and water when we use materials from products more than once. E.g. recycling paper saves trees, water and the energy needed to cut down, transport the trees, and grind them into paper pulp.

•      Recycling reduces the need for new raw materials.

•      Raw materials from recycled sources generally cost less than virgin materials.

•      Recycling saves energy - glass cullet melts at a lower temperature, so less energy is needed to melt the same quantity of new material.

•      Recycling can reduce water and air pollution.

•      Recycling reduces waste disposal costs.

•      Locally produced products using recycled material reduce the need for imported products and the costs involved (like exchange rate fluctuations, transport costs and increased emissions).

•      Recycling creates formal and informal jobs.