Environmental Control Officer for Mandini Wealth

PENSU Environmental assisted Life4All as the Environmental Control Officer to undertake an internal waste compliance audit for the Environmental Authorisation (EA) for Mandini Wealth (Pty) Ltd.

The quarterly internal compliance audit is to ensure that the practices on the waste handling site are done according to the stipulations of the EA granted by the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD)

Tyre recycling


The Mandini tyre pyrolysis plant produces tyre derived oil, char and scrap steel from
used tyres. Pyrolysis is a process that induces the thermo-chemical decomposition of
carbon based materials in an oxygen deficient environment. There are a total of 6
pyrolysis reactors on the site.

Tyres are delivered to the site by truck and stored in the yard. Tyres are batch fed into
the reactors. As the reactor heats up, the tyres begin to thermochemically decompose
thereby producing tyre pyrolysis gas. The gas is extracted from the reactor chambers
and runs through a set of water cooled condensers. The condensers cool the pyrolysis
gas and a fraction of the gas condenses to produce tyre derived oil.

The remaining gas is used to fuel the reactors through combustion. Combustion gases
are released to atmosphere via chimney stacks. Some of the material making up the
tyres reports as a solid fraction. This material consists in the main of char and steel.
Excess gas is combusted via a ground flare.