East London Regional Waste Disposal Scheme: Buffalo City Municipality

This scheme has five components to it:

  • Regional waste disposal site
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Recycling
  • Depots; and
  • Closures of existing sites

Working with ARCUS GIBB, Natalie’s involvement in this project was assisting with the project management of the overall scheme. On the Regional waste disposal site, she was the project leader for the environmental monitoring, including the co-ordination of the Monitoring Committee, the public participation process for the hazardous waste permit upgrade, the beneficial use plan for the buffer zone (a community project), and the Poet’s Grave (facilitating the awarding of SEK Mqhayi’s grave, which falls within the buffer zone, the status of a national heritage site). She was further involved as the project leader for the site selection and permitting of the Cambridge Transfer Station and the West Bank Transfer Station, as well as project managing the recycling Pilot Buy back Centres project. Natalie has led the closure of the Ducats Waste Disposal Site, which received its Permit for Closure from DWAF in April 2004.