Strategic Environmental Assessment for Water Use: Department of Water Affairs & Forestry

Natalie assisted with the co-ordination of the then-Department of Water Affairs & Forestry SEA for Water Use. This study began with public involvement and information gathering in the three major forestry provinces of KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape. This was followed by a pilot study of the Mhlathuze Catchment, KZN. This explored the information and tools which decision-makers need in order to ensure that the best use is made of land and water resources in meeting the needs of both the people living within the Mhlathuze Catchment and of all South Africa.

Related Projects

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  • Restructuring Plan for DWAF & Catchment Management Agencies in the Eastern Cape Region
  • Development of streamlined licensing procedures for Commercial Forestry
  • Development of both a specific & generic Policy for License Assessment Advisory Committees (establishment & operation)
  • Public Participation, Consultation & Community Policy Framework
  • Involvement in the Strategic Planning of the Chief Directorate: Water Use & Conservation