Here at PENSU Environmental we do things differently. We listen to what you say. We hear your concerns. And then we help get things done, simply and sustainably. 


Where some view environmental legislation as a stumbling blog to their progress, we see it as an opportunity to provide a superior service to our clients in the areas of Integrated Environmental Management (IEM), Integrated Water Resource Management, Integrated Waste Management, and Green Buildings.



Integrated Environmental Management

IEM is an underlying philosophy and set of principles supported by a range of environmental assessment and management tools that promote sustainability.

Screening | Environmental Management Plans | Environmental Impact Assessments | Stakeholder Engagement | Environmental Auditing & Reporting | Specialist Studies | Mining Applications

Green buildings

Green buildings reduce the overall impact on environment and human health by reducing waste, efficiently using energy and other resources, and protecting occupant health.

EDGE Accredited Green Rating | Green Star Sustainability Rating | Green Certification | Green Consulting


Integrated Waste Management

 Integrated Waste Management (IWM) systems combine waste streams, waste collection, treatment and disposal methods into a practical waste management system.

Integrated Waste Management Plans | Waste Management Licence Applications

Integrated Water Resource Management

IWRM is a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources to maximize economic and social welfare. 

Water Use Registration | Water Use Licence Applications

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